xAP network nodes – Arduino and Nanode

The arrival of Ken Boak’s Nanode 5 board this year has prompted me to investigate the possibility of transfering some PC based functions around my home to distributed devices. In particular I wanted some to move some displays and data collection out onto my network.

xAPClock - a networked LED matrix clock

The first target was a ‘proof of concept’, a simple networked clock display using a 8 x 32 LED matrix. This is based on an Arduino, an ENC28J60 Ethernet shield and a 0832 red LED matrix from Sure (via ebay). Utilising the clock.report schema from an xAP NTP service on the network, Derek and Bretts xAP, xAPEther and EtherCard arduino libraries and Andrew Lindsays HT1632 library, this keeps its own time, resyncing to the NTP service at whatever interval it transmits.

xAPClock - breadboard interface to the Arduino

Moving on, I had earlier purchased a large, 6 inch wide, 20 x 2 LCD display. This has an hd77480 interface to which I have attached to the Arduino via a Byvac bv4108 serial backpack. This comes with its own Arduino Libraries. Again using Brett and Dereks xAP Arduino Libraries, this display defaults to displaying a clock as the LED matrix clock does, but also supports the message.display schema for general messages and alerts from other xAP applications and most importantly the CID.Lookup Caller Display schema from mi4’s xAP Switchboard, so I know which calls I can ignore….

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